Hear What Clients Are Saying

I have seen firsthand how music therapy heals better than any medication. The music therapists at Expressive Healthcare Solutions work miracles. The Staff is trained and educated in working with people of all ages and will truly make a positive impact on the life of your loved one.
— Cheryl P., RN

“You are a Gift from God” - Hospital Patient

“This is new (speech). I’ve never heard him say this before.” - Mom of Autistic child

"My mother has Alzheimer’s disease, and music therapy not only brings her great joy each week, but also cognitively engages her in a way that allows her to more readily access memory and share emotion.  It often transforms her mood and provides for such positive interactions. There is a magic in the music that seems to transcend all of the other challenges that my mother is facing."                                                                            -Craig  (client's son)

“My son has really gotten great benefits from Music Therapy.  It helps him deal with day to day issues that can be overwhelming, and gives him confidence that he needs”. 
— Naperville Parent
Music Therapy has opened up a whole new world for my child.  It’s helped him to start following directions and become more aware of his  body. Music Therapy brings such a joy to our lives. 
— Naperville Parent
You’ve been the only bright light throughout this process. Thank you. - Terminal Cancer Patient
  That was great . . . I don’t feel anxious anymore.
— Medical Patient
   Honey, you’ve done a world of good for me.
— Senior Client

Thank you, Stephanie! Your work not only helps sustain overall health and well-being, but also provides so much joy and comfort.  We are so grateful.  - Family Member